Clients range from:



• New York Times

• McGraw-Hill

• Time-Life

• National Geographic

• Scholastic, Inc.

• Business 2.0

• Wired magazine
• Science
• Springhouse

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies

• Genentech

• Amgen

• Merck-Medco

• US Surgical

• Allergan

• Pfizer

• Philips Healthcare

• GE Medical Systems
• Nuvasive
• Gen-Probe


• Sanford-Burnham Institute for Medical Research

• Scripps Institute of Oceanography


High Technology Companies:

• Microsoft

• Hughes

• Hewlett Packard 
• Aerojet General



• Emory University


• Yale

• UC Berkeley

• Washington University

• University of Nebraska

• Lehigh University

• Stanford University


• Exploratorium

• Discovery Center

• Liberty Science Center

• San Diego Aerospace Museum

• Smithsonian Institution

Non-Profit Organizations:



• UCSD Biomedical Library

• US Air Force
• College of Phlebology




Clients and Bio

Accurate, compelling and beautiful visuals can transform dry, complex documents into powerful marketing tools. Current leading edge technologies are often complex and difficult to understand. Clear and scientifically accurate visualizations can make the competitive difference. Whether marketing a company, a technology or a product, visualizations can provide a critical edge in the way nothing else can.


In high school I started as a fine artist painting Western subjects for galleries in Arizona and Santa Fe, New Mexico. As an illustrator for Hallmark Cards, I continued fine art painting, this time concentrating on aerospace and aviation subjects. I moved west to become the creative director of a major West Coast high technology advertising agency. Traditional media, pencils, paint and the airbrush were the tools for my work as an illustrator until 1986 when I started using my first Mac. As Apple computer capability has grown so have my tools of Illustrator, Photoshop, to advanced 3D modeling, rendering, and animation.


Working in San Diego, I have been providing technology visualization for international biomedical, pharmaceutical, computer and aerospace clients for the last 25 years. The subject matter has ranged from molecular modeling, through fusion and space technology, nanotechnology, pharmacogenomics, information technology, and cutting edge medicine and biology. For clients ranging from publishers, pharmaceutical giants and esoteric biotechnology companies, my visualizations have illustrated annual reports, books, brochures, magazines, patient education materials, advertising,and DVD's.  My animations are a common visualization tool for websites, multimedia, broadcast and training.


Many research and non-profit organizations such as Biocom and the UCSD Biomedical Library have utilized my visualizations for interior graphics and installations.


As a member of the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI), Society of Illustrators and Air Force Art Program, I have served on numerous boards, including the Society of Illustrators, the International Aerospace Hall of Fame and Scripps Enviromental Advocates (SEA).


Over the years I have received numerous awards from the National Science Foundation, Communications Arts, Society of Illustrators, AMI, Print Magazine, and the Rx Club.

Medical Illustration/Animation

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